TrainPlayer-TrackLayer 6.6 Readme

Version 6.6.1, Feb 2018

Welcome to Version 6.6.1!

Version 6.6.1 addresses customer-frustrating licensing problems, fixes various bugs and crashes, and introduces some changes toward the new Ops system coming in 7.0.  There are a few new features documented below but not yet described in the help.

Contents of this readme:

Enhancements in 6.6.1

Here is a list of new features since 6.6.  For the complete history, see Version History on the web.

License dialog fixes -- addressing customer problems with registration
More AnyRail import fixes -- gapped crossovers from Kato
Script enhancements -- LAUNCH command, new $FILE functions
Clickable scenery -- create action-launching buttons with custom appearance (see below)
Video clips -- play little movies on your layout (see below)
Easier browsing in Script Central -- new Back/Forward buttons; returns to previous tab and row
Improvements in Cars grid -- taking steps toward Advanced Ops in TP7

Clickable Scenery.  You can turn any scenery object into a button, so that it triggers some action when clicked.  Here's how.  (This is rather an expert feature; it requires knowledge of scripting and scenery creation.  Useful topics in the help are "Working with Junction Actions" and "About Scenery.")

  1. Choose or create the scenery object you wish to use as button.  You can make it any type, with any image or decoration.
  2. Create the action you want to trigger.  Do this by creating a Junction Action on some nearby track junction, and entering the script commands you want to execute.
  3. In the Junction Action editor, the Trigger drop-down in the upper right now has a new choice: On Scenery Click.  Select this, then use the Scenery Object drop-down to choose the object by name.  (The name of a scenery object is shown in its Scenery Properties dialog, General tab.)
  4. To trigger the action, you must be using the Run tool, then single-click anywhere on the scenery object.

Note that the new LAUNCH command is a handy way to do all sorts of things: open a web browser, fire up a Word document, etc.  A one-line script which launches some application is a great use of the clickable scenery feature.

Video Clips.  This is a sort of experimental feature developed as part of an unfinished larger package; we put it out there to see if someone finds it useful.  In a scenery object, instead of filling it with a bitmap background, you can associate it with a video file.  The context menu then includes commands to play or stop the video within the object, or to launch it in a separate Windows Media window.  Procedure:

  1. Create a rectangular scenery object.
  2. Take an action you would use to specify a bitmap background: (a) right-click and choose Load Bitmap, or (b) right-click, choose Properties, go to the Background tab, choose Bitmap, and click the browse (...) button.  Either action brings up the Scenery Chooser.
  3. In the Scenery Chooser, click Browse...  This brings up a regular file dialog.
  4. Browse to the video file you wish to play.  To do this, you must select "All Files (*.*)" in the drop-down at lower right, and browse to file with a video extension.  Many formats are supported, including asf, wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, mp4, wma, wmd, mp3, midi, and more. 
  5. To play the video: right-click the object and choose Play Video.  The video will play once and stop.  Choose Stop Video to stop it before it finishes.  Or choose Play Video in Media Player to launch the system player in a separate window.

This feature comes with disclaimers: some video clips play well, some flicker and are not acceptable.  Try yours and let us know how it goes.

Added in 6.6:

Added in 6.5.1:

YardMaster 2 -- improved subroutines and layouts for better YM operation
AnyRail fixes -- now correctly handles curved switches from all manufacturers
XP support -- fixes to allow running on Windows XP (no longer supported by Microsoft libraries)
Track line display -- now single-track display is turned on automatically after AR import
User-defined toolbars -- remove this feature, which never worked
Toolbars customize -- fix crash
Layout chooser -- fix to allow multiple selection of layouts
Layout thumbnails: use 1-pixel black line for track

Added in 6.5.2:

More AnyRail fixes -- crossovers, single and double slipswitches
Restore focus correctly after displaying note window

New Licensing Scheme -- Unlimited Demo

As of Version 6.5, we replaced the old third-party system with a new software protection scheme designed for TrainPlayer.  The idea is still the same: the program you download and install is a free demo version until you enter a license key provided by us. There is no expiration date on the demo.  It includes all the features of TrainPlayer and TrackLayer, but it is limited in several ways: it does not allow printing, exporting to graphics file, saving changes in track or scenery, nor access to layouts or car collections on the web. 

When you start the demo version, it displays a dialog, offering you a chance to enter a license key.  The key is an 11-character code accompanied by a user name.  Where you get it depends on your status:

New user:

If you are a new buyer, thank you!  You will receive username and license code by e-mail.  If it doesn't arrive, check your spam folder, then send us a message.  When you get the info, enter it into the license dialog.  You should get confirmation that it is valid, then you won't see the dialog again.

Existing user of 6.5 - 6.6:

Thanks for keeping up to date!  You don't have to worry about any of the following.

Existing user of pre-6 version: 

If you have a license from a pre-6 version, it will not work with 6.6.1.  You can purchase an upgrade for $19.  For more information, see How To Obtain 6.6 on the 6.6 Features page.  Once you've bought an upgrade license, enter it into the dialog. 

If you have been running a pre-6 version, the installer will update your car collections and do some file renaming in the Defaults and Loads sets.  If you have any trouble locating or working with the changes, send e-mail and we'll help.

Existing user of 6.0 - 6.4:

The first time you run 6.6.1, it checks to see if you have a valid  6.x license.  If so, it will generate for you a new license at the same level.  It brings up a dialog saying "Your license is valid and can be upgraded."  Enter your preferred name, click Generate, and you will get your new code, registered and ready to go.

To see or update your license code at any time, use Help > Upgrade License on the main menu.

How to install

For links and instructions, click here  => 6.6 Download

How to install from DVD

Insert the disk in the drive, setup starts automatically*.  Shortly you will see the TrainPlayer DVD Installer, a little dialog with three big buttons:

1.  Install Program Files

Click this button to bring up TrainPlayer Setup, which takes you through the program installation procedure.

If you have already installed Version 6.6.1 (including the demo), then you do not need to do this step.

2.  Install Data Files

Click this button to bring up the TrainPlayer Data Installer.  This copies data files -- layouts, car collections, sounds, scenery -- from the DVD to your hard drive. There are two choices:

Note: it is not necessary to install layouts to your hard drive in order to access them.  If you insert the DVD before any TrainPlayer session, you will see the entire folder of layouts in your Layout Chooser.

Click Go to begin copying files.

3.  Start Program

Click this button to launch the program.   This automatically closes the DVD Installer.

Other ways to start the program are (a) double-click the TrainPlayer 6.6 icon on your desktop, or (b) choose TrainPlayer 6.6 from the Start > TrainPlayer menu.

* If the dialog does not come up automatically after inserting the DVD, open Windows Explorer, go to the DVD drive, and double-click setup.exe.


Our company License Agreement is reproduced here:

 -- TrainPlayer License Agreement --

Thank you for downloading TrainPlayer software. This agreement says: enjoy the program on whatever computers you have, and donít give away your license key.

With either the purchased or the demo version, you may:

If you have not purchased a license, you may use the trial version free. The trial version does not have the full set of features of the licensed version, and comes with only a small set of layouts. To obtain full capabilities, you must purchase a license.

You may not:

-- Disclaimer of Warranty --

This software and the accompanying files are sold "as is" and without warranties as to performance or merchantability or any other warranties whether expressed or implied. Because of the various hardware and software environments into which this software may be put, no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered.

The program is not without bugs. If you find one, we encourage you to report it, and we will do our best to fix it in an upcoming version.


For help:

mail 4200 Arcadian Dr., Castro Valley, CA  94546
phone 707 320-4246