TrainPlayer-TrackLayer 6.4 Readme

Version 6.4.0, Oct 2016  

Welcome to Version 6.4!

Version 6.4 introduces the YardMaster series of scripted layouts along with a generous batch of fixes and improvements.

Contents of this readme:

Enhancements in 6.4

Here is a list of new features since 6.3.1.  For more, see the Version 6.4 Page.  For the complete history, see Version History.

YardMaster, a collection of over 75 excellent ready-to-play switching layouts
New improved random train generator, populates a large layout quickly and accurately
Automatic display of designerís notes on opening layout
Scripting enhancements: $set combination functions, IsSpotted, Dedupe
Significant speed improvement in running scripts
New editable Variables tab in Script Central
AnyRail conversion improvements
No more Kalmbach: 101 Track Plans removed from product, manual, website
Track labels on/off view setting and per-track display
Track properties dialog now modeless, for setting values over multiple tracks
Many bug fixes, repairs of memory and graphic leaks, fixes for various crashes

For existing users

If you have been using 6.0-6.3, the upgrade to 6.4 is free.  If you have been using 5.3 or an earlier version, this section is for you. 

6.0 License Required

If you have a license from a pre-6 version, it will not work with 6.4.  You can purchase an upgrade for $19.  For more information, see How To Obtain 6.4 on the Features page.

When you start the program, until you have purchased and entered a 6.0 license, you will be running a limited-time 30-day demo.  A "nag" alert will inform you of this.  Once the time expires, you can continue running the program but will be in demo mode, meaning you cannot save or print.

The recommended procedure is to go to the Help menu and choose Purchase Upgrade (or click the button on the alert).  This brings up a dialog which shows you the upgrade price, and a button leading to a checkout page.

Changes in Car Collections

If you have been running a pre-6 version, the 6.4 installer will update your car collections and do some file renaming in the Defaults and Loads sets.  If you have any trouble locating or working with the changes, send e-mail and we'll help.

How to install

For links and instructions, click here  => 6.4 Download

How to install from DVD

Insert the disk in the drive, setup starts automatically*.  Shortly you will see the TrainPlayer DVD Installer, a little dialog with three big buttons:

1.  Install Program Files

Click this button to bring up TrainPlayer Setup, which takes you through the program installation procedure.

If you have already installed Version 6.4 (including the demo), then you do not need to do this step.

2.  Install Data Files

Click this button to bring up the TrainPlayer Data Installer.  This copies data files -- layouts, car collections, sounds, scenery -- from the DVD to your hard drive. There are two choices:

Note: it is not necessary to install layouts to your hard drive in order to access them.  If you insert the DVD before any TrainPlayer session, you will see the entire folder of layouts in your Layout Chooser.

Click Go to begin copying files.

3.  Start Program

Click this button to launch the program.   This automatically closes the DVD Installer.

Other ways to start the program are (a) double-click the TrainPlayer 6.4 icon on your desktop, or (b) choose TrainPlayer 6.4 from the Start > TrainPlayer menu.

* If the dialog does not come up automatically after inserting the DVD, open Windows Explorer, navigate to the root of the DVD drive, and double-click setup.exe.


TrainPlayer is shareware.  You can run it free for thirty days, after which you must purchase a license to continue.  If you do not have a license, a dialog comes up every time you run the program, and the program eventually expires so you can no longer run it.  (If this happens, you are welcome to write and ask for an extension.)

To purchase a license, (a) click the Buy button on the opening dialog, (b) choose Purchase from the Help menu in the program, or (c) go to the TrainPlayer Products page on the web. 

A purchase will generate an e-mail containing your assigned username and license code.  Enter them into the "Reminder" dialog the next time it comes up, or use Upgrade License on the Help menu to cause it to come up.  Enter the name and code exactly as given; copy/paste is recommended.  (Shortcut: select and copy both lines, then paste into the Name box of the dialog and it will get both lines at once.)

Our company License Agreement is reproduced here:

 -- TrainPlayer License Agreement --

Thank you for downloading TrainPlayer software. This agreement says: enjoy the program on whatever computers you have, and donít give away your license key.

With either the purchased or the demo version, you may:

If you have not purchased a license, you may use the trial version free for the extent of the trial period. The trial version does not have the full set of features of the licensed version, and comes with only a small set of layouts. After the trial period expires, you must purchase a license or request an extension by e-mail.

You may not:

-- Disclaimer of Warranty --

This software and the accompanying files are sold "as is" and without warranties as to performance or merchantability or any other warranties whether expressed or implied. Because of the various hardware and software environments into which this software may be put, no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered.

The program is not without bugs. If you find one, we encourage you to report it, and we will do our best to fix it in an upcoming version.


For help:

mail 4200 Arcadian Dr., Castro Valley, CA  94546
phone 707 320-4246