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How to Build a Custom Trestle Bridge 



In this Clinic, we will show you how to use the beautiful art work of Mark Johnson's Wood and Steel Trestle bridges to create a custom length to span any river on your layout.

The trestle shown in these photos was done in about 45 minutes. Follow these steps to create your own masterpiece

Step 1:  Create the background.

Click on the background icon on the top menu bar and add groundcover and any major scenery elements such as a gorge or a river. Lay some track that spans the area of depression.



Step 2: Add top scenery elements

Click the foreground icon. Select the bridge style and place a bridge span and some support piers on the layout. Add a short section of track for sizing purposes. Click on the View Rails icon to show the rail tops on your track. You will use these to size the bridge elements so that the rails become unbroken lines on the finished trestle

Step 3 - Size the Bridge Elements

 Starting with a bridge span, line it up and re-size it so that its rails match the track rails. Right click the image, select Properties and write down the vertical size dimension. You will use that to size the piers as well. Copy the span. Place the first span in the desired position


Step 4. Place the piers.

Select the first pier, click on Properties, change to vertical dimension to match that of the span. Align the pier with the span

Step 5 - Repetition is Good!!

Repeat the process by pasting the copy of the initial span and selecting the desired pier elements as you go until your trestle is complete

Step 6: Adding Roadbed with Grow Roadbed Feature

In order to have the roadbed go up to the trestle but not across it, you must first isolate the bridge track. Go to TrainPlayer Help and select “Isolating Track” for directions to isolate the bridge track from the rest

Finally, select the non-trestle portions of the track, right click a highlighted section and click on Grow Roadbed. If you’re unsure of this process, see “Roadbed” in the Help file for directions

And here is your finished trestle

contributed by Jim Schenk


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