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How to Build a Custom Roundhouse



In this Clinic, we will show you how to take Mark Johnson's Roundhouse components from the Scenery folder "station_rr_buildings"  and expand it from a basic 3 stall house to as many stalls as you need to service your locomotive fleet.

First, go to your Scenery folder "station_rr_buildings" , and click and drag these items onto your layout plan.


Creating your own Custom Roundhouse

 To begin, I prefer to drag out the roundhouse and position it where I want it then scale and rotate it to suit the background. This example is done on a plain background to illustrate the steps a bit more easily.

Then I click and drag the first extra stall to be added


 Then, as you can see from the "grab points", scale and rotate the extra stall and move onto the existing 3 stall unit


You may want to enlarge your work are so that you can more easily get the proper alignment.  When you have added all of the extra stalls you desire, its time to Group all these items into one cohesive unit..


Grouping your image

The main reason for using the Group feature of course is to keep all the components anchored together in one unit


 The next step to to select the Group feature from your Scenery toolbar or from the  Tools\Scenery\Group menu


 Finally, you're ready to add a turntable from the Scenery\Miscellaneous folder


Now, you just need to add some track and some other roundhouse accessories from your well stocked Scenery Toolkit to give your new roundhouse your personal stamp




 You’re done...take a deep breath and start on your next creation - the bridge too long???


Creating your own Custom Roundhouse

Grouping your image

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