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How to Fill an Irregular Space with a Scenery Image



In this Clinic, we will show you how to add a Lake to a background scene.  You can use this same technique though to "fill in" any type of irregular space that you have on your layout.  Generally speaking, this technique works best with images from the "background" scenery folder which would normally be applied to large spaces in either the foreground or background layer of your layout plan

Step 1: adding a valley to a rocky area

   carving a valley

Step 2 - Getting to the "Properties" sub menu

Step 3: - working through the Windows File Manager menus


Typical location of Scenery images

 Explorer subs


 Keep clicking and drilling down!

  scenery folder

 Step 4: Bringing up a thumbnail viewer


Make your selection

  thumbnail actual

Step 5: A double click and the image fills the space

valley added

Step 6 - Just add Water - we design another space where we want to locate our little lake

lake 1

Step 7 More Editing being done - using the tile feature will smooth out many of the images BUT be sure to check the overall effect since you may not like the "overlap" associated with the Tile feature

edit 2


 Step 8 - Applying your changes to the end product - you may also want to go to the Line tab and change the Line size to zero.

edit 2

 You’re done...take a deep breath and start on your next creation - the bridge too long???


Typical Locations of Scenery Images files

Editing your image

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