Script Central - Reference Tab

A compact reference to the scripting language.  Provides information about commands, wait conditions, system and local variables.  See also Script Central Tabs.

The Reference tab is your best source of information about the details of the language.  It is built into the program, so will never be out of date when new commands are added.  Unlike a paper manual, it is always available, and conveniently displayed on your screen as you work.  You can copy and paste from it to save typing.

Script Doc Notes File

Much of the information shown with each reference entry is taken from a text file distributed with the program.  The file is named scr_doc_notes.txt and it resides in the root TP app data folder.  If you don't have this file, or your version is out of date, and you have an internet connection, then a new version of the file is automatically downloaded when you bring up the Reference tab.

List contents:


Command, wait condition, variable, or one of a dozen other types of scripting element.  Command names include subcategory.  Function and variable names include "r/w" where value is settable.


Command, variable, or function name with calling sequence when applicable


Brief explanation of the entry

Value For system variables, functions without arguments, and user variables: current value


Click list item

Selects item and displays it in the text window.  The text includes data from the list window plus notes taken from the system doc notes file.

Right-click row Brings up context menu shown below.

Text window

Text is not editable. It wraps to fit the box.

Context menu:


Copies selected row(s) to Windows Clipboard as tab-delimited text (suitable for pasting into Excel)

Select All

Selects all rows for copy


Rebuilds list and updates variable entries to latest values