TrainPlayer News, October 2012 -- Version 5.2 with Chris Pedersen Cars

Version 5.2 brings a new level of realism to those of us who sit at computers pretending to operate miniature scale models of railroad trains!  With this version we introduce a beautiful new collection of railroad rolling stock art, along with several nice new features to show it off and enhance your trainplaying.

If you are a licensed user of 4.x and above, upgrade to the new features is free, but there is an additional charge for the new cars; for details, see How to Upgrade.  If you are not yet a user, see Specials for deals on bundles.

Chris Pedersen Cars

Artist Chris Pedersen produces lovingly-detailed renderings of model railroad cars and locomotives.  For TrainPlayer users, he draws three images per car: a small side view for the toolbar; a detailed, accurately-oriented top view; and a dazzling side view the actual size of an HO model.  For an example, click this picture:

All of Chris's cars represent actual models from hobby manufacturers -- Athearn Intermountain, Walthers -- and come in a large variety precisely correct paint jobs for road names such as BNSF, Burlington Northern, Soo Line, Denver & Rio Grande Western, Canadian Pacific, and dozens more.  More samples are shown below

Version 5.2 takes advantage of the new large car images by displaying them in the Car Chooser, Car Properties, and other windows.  In all cases, they can be enlarged to full size, and you can browse through a set of them with one click each.  This took some doing in the case of the Properties dialog, which had to be adapted so it would stay on the screen as you click around the layout.

Chris continues to produce more models and roadnames.  Built into 5.2 is an update mechanism so that buyers of the collection can download more cars as they become available.

For more from Chris, see the Chris Pedersen TrainPlayer website

Other Features in 5.2

Drag Trains by Hand!  Hands-on operation!  Point to a train, press, and drag it along the track -- just like a railroader's fingertip on the garage layout!  Move the train in either direction, any speed.  Throw switches as you go using the space bar.  Bump into another train and it couples, click between cars to uncouple.  The view auto-scrolls as you drag so you don't lose sight of your car.  You can carry out a whole switching session without ever touching the control panel!

Handy Improvements!  Customers keep making suggestions, we keep adding on.

  • Auto-Save -- your layout is backed up every so often, so you don't lose work in a crash
  • Auto View Restore -- zoom and position come up just the way you left them
  • Improved Props -- now modeless; changes now undoable; controls reworked for better operation
  • Drag-and-Drop Loading -- drag from the Load Chooser directly onto cars; load an entire cut at once

Bug Fixes.  Version 5.2 includes fixes for many popular bugs in such areas as: coupling and uncoupling, freight loads, opening large layouts, train horn selection, engine direction flipping, changing layout background.

For more  see the 5.2 Features Page on the website =>       


For a limited time we are offering special prices on bundles of TrainPlayer or TrackLayer with the Chris Pedersen Cars.  To order, click one of these buttons:


TrackLayer 5.2 with Chris Pedersen Cars    The whole works! Includes all of TrainPlayer 5.2, plus track tools, scenery tools, premium layouts and cars, and the complete set of CP Cars.  Reg $124.  Click for $15 off =>
TrainPlayer 5.2 with Chris Pedersen Cars The ultimate in railroad operation! Includes 5.2 TrainPlayer software with ops, scripting, standard layouts and cars, and the complete set of CP Cars.  Reg $84.  Click for $15 off =>  

Click takes you to the shopping cart page, where you can check out using Visa, MC, or PayPal.  Products are available by download or on DVD.

How to Upgrade

If you are a licensed user, upgrade to 5.2 and add Chris Pedersen Cars for just $29 -- click the button below.  Or help yourself to a free upgrade, which works with your current license -- add CP cars later by using Purchase Upgrade on the Help menu.

Add Chris Pedersen Cars

Add over a thousand beautiful new cars to your inventory, and upgrade to 5.2 at the same time.  Click to buy and download =>
Upgrade Only Upgrade to the latest and enjoy the new features.  Later you can add CP Cars from within the program.  Click to download and install the upgrade =>

Using the CP Cars requires Version 5.2.  If you purchase the car set, you will be sent instructions for obtaining both the upgrade and the cars.


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Chris Pedersen Samples

This is just a tiny random sampling of cars.  Click any picture for the full-size image:

Athearn 57ft Mechanical Reefer
Locomotives-Union Pacific
Athearn Bethgon Coalporter
Burlington Northern
Locomotives-Santa Fe
Athearn 52ft Mill Gondola
Canadian National
Athearn Husky Stack
Southern Pacific
Athearn FMC5347 Boxcar
Green Mountain 
Locomotives-Santa Fe


Chris Pedersen Cars

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Chris Pedersen Samples

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