TrainPlayer News, Oct 2016 -- Version 6.4

The development of TrainPlayer has been like the process of building a railroad. First we laid the track (2005), added cars (2006), built scenery (2009), added industries (2011), moved to fancier cars (2012) and better scenery (2015), then added computer control (scripting, 2006-16).

At that point we did what many railroaders do with a finished layout: attempted to give it some meaningful work to do. For this purpose, over several versions we have been providing tools for simulating real-world freight operations, from simple scheduling devices to computer-generated work orders to automated game-like challenges. Now in Version 6.4 comes the best one yet: a system of layouts, scripts, and techniques called YardMaster. Read about it and the other new features below.

If you are already a 6.x user, the upgrade is free -- just click the button below to get your copy.  If you are using an earlier version, or none, see How To Obtain 6.4 below, and be sure to check the special deal for new users.

New Features in 6.4

YardMaster is a collection of over eighty great new original layouts designed for operation, sized from narrow shelf to club empire,  Each layout is fully scenicked, equipped with appropriate industries and rolling stock, and ready to run.  Opening any YM layout starts up a script which tells you what cars to  deliver and then keeps track of your movements as you work. See:

YardMaster layouts were designed, tracked, and scripted by our terrific, prolific engineering team: Bruno Pigozzo in Ontario and Richard Fletcher in England.  These guys have outdone themselves with this project, but apparently they had a good time doing it. 

The pictures below are samples of YM layouts -- click any image for a larger view.  To see the whole collection, click the middle link above.

Midthorpe Branch  Echo Jct

Other 6.4 Features

New improved Random Train Generator, populates a large layout quickly and accurately.  You can specify what tracks you want to populate, how densely, and with what types of cars.

Track labels view setting and per-track display; Track Properties dialog is now modeless.  Labels on track are used to indicate ops locations, so 6.4 makes it easy to apply them around the layout.

Chexton Industrial Estate  Iron Bridge 

Scripting enhancements: new SET combination functions -- union, intersection, sum, difference -- for joining sets of objects; sort, remove duplicates over a set; IsSpotted car function indicates status. Significant speed improvement in running all scripts. New Variables tab in Script Central shows a grid of values and allows in-place editing.

AnyRail conversion improvements.  We fixed a few bugs, and so did the AnyRail folks.

Bowden Turn 

Bugs fixed:  more annoyances gone!  For the complete list see the TrainPlayer Version History.

For more about 6.4, see the feature page on the web:    

How to Obtain 6.4

Version 6.4 is a free upgrade for users of 6.0 - 6.3.  If this is you, click here to download and install the new version.  You do not need to uninstall your existing version, or to reenter your license.

If you are a user of an earlier (pre-6) version, you will need a new license. The cost is only $19 to upgrade from any previous version all the way up to TrackLayer 6.4, with track and scenery tools, ops, scripting, the whole works.  To obtain the upgrade, click the button to download and install a demo of 6.4, then go to Help > Purchase Upgrade to find choices and instructions.

If you are a new user, read on.

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