TrainPlayer News, July 2013 -- Version 5.3

Version 5.3 brings you a year's worth of feature development, road maintenance, and boiler polishing from the engineers at TrainPlayer Labs. It has a new look and feel in the toolbars, new gadgets for tracklayers, new train controls, and new showcasing of the Chris Pedersen cars introduced in the last version.

It's a free upgrade for most users -- for details, see How to Obtain 5.3.  If you are not yet a user, check the Newsletter Special below.

New Features in 5.3

Train Control Bar -- the stylish new dockable, resizable bar for operating and interacting with the selected train. The control panel on the left has a speed slider and a configurable set of buttons on an oak background. On the right is the scrollable, scalable train window, displaying side-view images of the current train, resizable up to full HO size if you have Chris Pedersen cars with large images.

Car Inventory Bar -- your unlimited-supply rolling stock case!  Another new dockable, resizable bar, this one for viewing car collections and adding cars to the layout. Choose a collection to display in the bar, then drag cars from it onto the tracks. This replaces the old twelve-button car toolbar we've had since version 1.0.

Pedersen Default Set!  Version 5.3 comes with a new free car collection by Chris Pedersen, a representative set of car types with large images stylishly decorated in a green-black CP road style.  It's yours to enjoy whether or not you have purchased the full CP collection.

Built-in Ties and Roadbed!  Adding ties or roadbed to your layout used to be like laying track by hand: it involved a lot of little pieces.  In 5.3, it's more like snap-track.  You specify sizes and styles, and the program renders the roadbed and ties whenever it draws the track.  The images are crisp at any zoom, and add no baggage to your layout. 

Pedersen Freight Loads!  Last version we introduced some great-looking freight cars, now we supply them with great-looking freight.  Chris has created a beautiful set of images -- containers, stacked containers, lumber stacks, pipe bundles, heavy farm equipment -- with familiar road names and complete, realistic detail.

Double Track -- one click converts a selected section of track into parallel double tracks, joined by wyes at the ends.  If you've ever tried to do this job by hand, you know how many clicks this saves.  Great for adding a passing track in a congested area.

And More!  Responses to customer requests, bug fixes, enhancements like these:

  • Zoom controls -- modern zoom slider on status bar: handy, compact way to zoom in and out
  • Track splitter -- chop track in two with a single click
  • Scenery flipper -- invert a scenery object or group across an axis

For more see the web page ==> 

How to Obtain 5.3

New customer: Your best bet is to take advantage of the special below.  Before doing that, you might wish to try the free demo or visit our site and see our product line.  If you tried the demo before, try again -- the clock is reset so you get another 30 days.

Existing user:  If you are a user of any version since 4.0, click here to download and install ==> 

If you are a user of an earlier version, visit our products page to see about an upgrade.

Check your menu!  Features you see in the program depend on your license.  To see what else you might add -- Ops, Scenery Toolkit, Chris Pedersen Cars, etc. -- run 5.3 and choose Help > Purchase Upgrade from the main menu.

Newsletter Special

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