TrainPlayer News, Dec 2015 -- Announcing Version 6.2

Allow us to add to the seasonal e-clamor in your mailbox!  It is time once again for our roughly-annual release of a major new version of TrainPlayer.  Version 6.2 brings a year's worth of improvements, especially in the art of scenery -- either picking it from our new high-quality collection of trackside objects, or building it with our new and improved set of tools -- plus better graphics, great new layouts, fixes.

If you are already a 6.x user, the upgrade is free, so consider it a holiday gift from us to you -- just click below to get your copy.  If you are using an earlier version, or none, see How To Obtain 6.2 below, and be sure to check the special deal for new users.

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New Features in 6.2

Redesigned Graphics Engine

To support fancier scenery, we had to develop a new method for displaying layouts.  We now draw it into memory in portions -- square tiles -- drawing just enough of them to cover the visible portion and a little more.  You can zoom in as close as you want, even on a giant layout -- as the train rolls along, it auto-scrolls smoothly across the drawn tiles, with a little pause when it needs to create a new one.

New Scenery Tools  

Fancier lines!  Lines and polylines can now be as wide as you like, filled with bitmap or hatch patterns, optionally smoothed at corners with curves fitted automatically.  Great for rivers, roads, benchwork.


Composite objects!  Build something using scenery tools -- a rooftop, a factory, a loading dock -- save it to a little file, and it becomes a new object you can drag from your chooser onto your layout.  It is then embedded, so you can send the layout to a friend without having to attach anything.

New scenery catalog!  A dozen new folders provide high-quality images and objects for use in your layouts -- trees, vehicles, buildings, structures, rooftops, and textured backgrounds such as dirt, grass, gravel, water.  All look great at high zoom.  Use them as parts, kitbash your own variations.

Grid!  Adjustable snap grid makes for precise drawing and positioning.  Styles! New dialogs and toolbar buttons make for easy setting of default styles.  Paint bucket, eye dropper!  New tools for picking up and applying styles.  More!  Updated tutorial.  New polygon commands.  Hiding trains under scenery.  New keyboard actions.  Improved clicking and cursoring when drawing scenery.

New Scenic Layouts

In a new folder in the layout chooser -- Scenic 62 Layouts -- you will find three dozen great original layouts by our wonderful TrainPlayer artists.  These are large, detailed track plans featuring dramatic scenery created using the 6.2 toolkit, fully equipped with industries and rolling stock, ready to run.

Ready for more than that!  By no means are these layouts just museum pieces.  Most have scripted instructions, challenging you to operate, switch the yards, deliver freight, win rewards.  Some have scripted trains running their routes around the layout as you work.  For the DYI types: watch scripts in action, see how they work, learn from the masters. 

Lots More 

Improved Track Properties dialog.  Improved rail display.  Plenty of bug fixes and small enhancements. More:


How to Obtain 6.2

Version 6.2 is a free upgrade for users of 6.0 or 6.1.  If this is you, click here to download and install the new version.  You do not need to uninstall your existing version, nor to reenter your license.

If you are a user of an earlier (pre-6) version, you will need a new license. The cost is only $19 to upgrade from any previous version all the way up to TrackLayer 6.2, with track and scenery tools, ops, scripting, the whole works.  To obtain the upgrade, click the button to download and install a demo of 6.2, then go to Help > Purchase Upgrade to find choices and instructions.

If you are a new user, read on.

Newsletter Special

Full Package - TrainPlayer/TrackLayer 6.2 with Chris Pedersen Cars - only $89

If you are new to TrainPlayer and are reading this newsletter, you get a great price on everything we have to offer -- TrackLayer 6.2 with CP Cars -- including all of TrainPlayer 6.2, track and scenery tools, the complete ops system, thousands of layouts and cars, advanced scripting, and the full Chris Pedersen Cars collection with 6.2 additions.  This offer is not available on our Products page, only from this button:

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