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Download and Install 6.2 for Windows News

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To download and install TrainPlayer / TrackLayer 6.2 on your computer, click here:


Version 6.2.0    Nov 2015   104 MB    setup62.exe

This installs the program and a small set of layouts and data files.  Others are available from within the program after you install.  A license key is required for full use of the program.


After clicking the button, look for this panel at the bottom of your screen: (yours will say 62)

We recommend you click Save.  This carries out the download, brings the setup file into your local downloads folder, then changes the panel buttons:

Attention AVG users!  If you run AVG antivirus protection, it is likely to interfere with the installation.  We strongly suggest you disable it until the installation is complete.  If you need instructions, see the FAQ.

Now click Run.  This starts the TrainPlayer installer, which looks like this:

Do as it says-- close other applications, even Windows Explorer.  If you are upgrading from a previous version, the 6.2 installer does some renaming of folders, which will not work if the folders are open.

After the install, you might see the Program Compatibility Assistant with the message "This program might not have installed correctly."  Do not be alarmed.  Click Cancel.

When you run TrainPlayer for the first time, you are prompted for license code.  If you do not have one, click OK and the demo time period starts.

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