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TrainPlayer / TrackLayer 6.2 Contents

Welcome to Version 6.2! 

Over a year in the making, Version 6.2 brings a greatly-expanded set of tools for the scenery artist, on top of a redesigned hi-res graphics system for showing off the artistry. The new version comes with a completely new library of high-quality scenery objects -- backgrounds, trees, buildings, factories, vehicles -- over 600 in all, half bitmap images and the other half a new type of scenery object you can build yourself.

On this page is an overview of the main new features.  For an excellent in-depth look at the features and how to use them, see Richard Fletcher's Basic Introduction to the Enhanced Graphics and Scenery Toolkit of TrainPlayer v6.2 (PDF file).

If you already upgraded to 6 or 6.1, then 6.2 is a free upgrade.  If not, and you are a user of any previous version, the upgrade price is $19.  Details below

New Features in 6.2

Redesigned graphics system

A new algorithm stores pre-drawn layout sections in memory as a set of tiles.  Each tile is drawn only the first time it is needed, then instantly painted to the screen during scrolling and panning.  This scheme allows zooming down to the rivets on even the largest layouts without loss of resolution, and without sacrificing performance as the train rolls along.

Scenery Enhancements

Enhanced Line Styles: thick lines can be filled with hatch or bitmap patterns, no longer just solid color -- ideal for roads, rivers

Polyline Smoothing: polygon corners automatically turn into smooth bezier curves on whatever vertices you specify; applies to polylines and closed polygons

Polygon Editing: new context-menu commands delete a polygon or polyline segment, auto-close a polyline, convert rectangle to polygon

SCN Objects: create your own complex object using the scenery tools, save it to a file with SCN extension, and it becomes a new object in the Scenery Chooser, available to select and drop onto a layout.  For example, the cement plant shown at left here and below in the chooser window was created from rectangles and circles:



Two-Color Hatch Patterns: an object or line can now be filled with two-color hatch pattern, in many choices of hatch style

Flip Horiz/Vert/Both: flip an object or group about either axis

HQ Scenery Collection: the 6.2 installer delivers our new collection of high-quality scenery, in nine folders:

Updated Tutorial: new step by step process to create a detailed layout using new scenery tools -- on our website; see 6.2 Scenery Tutorial: the Clappison Junction

Grid: adjustable snap grid aids in fast and precise drawing of scenery objects

Painter: new tool for styling objects: set a style by clicking the little arrow and going to the Scenery Styles dialog, then click an object (or component of a grouped object) to paint it with the style

Dropper: click anywhere on screen to pick up a color to load the painter

Scenery Styles Dialog: new tabbed dialog for setting default fill, line, and text styles

      Toolbar Style Buttons: drop-down arrows on line, text, fill tools bring up the corresponding tab of Scenery Styles

Status Bar Measurements: length or dimensions are shown on status bar while drawing scenery

Non-Scenery Improvements in 6.2

New Track Properties dialog: specify detailed display features per track segment

Double Rail Display: double rails are now a track display style, thus faster, more dynamic, more flexible

Improved Note Window: better auto-fit of text, improved display and saving of status

Fixes in AnyRail import: fixes in AnyRail conversion: repairs for flex track and other parts

And of course plenty of bug fixes, cosmetic improvements, and other adjustments.  For a complete list, see the TrainPlayer Version History

How To Obtain 6.2

If you are new:  Welcome!  Your best bet is to look in the latest newsletter for a special offer.  Or read on.

If you already upgraded to 6.0 or 6.1:  Thank you!  6.2 is a free upgrade.  Just click the button below and follow instructions.

If you have a pre-6 version:  there is a charge for the upgrade -- only $19 to upgrade from any previous version all the way up to the top of the line package, TrackLayer 6.2, with track and scenery tools, ops, advanced scripting, the whole works.

Whether you are upgrading from a previous version or buying for the first time, the procedure is:

1. Click here to download and install the new version ==>
If you do not yet have a 6.x license, this gets you a demo valid for 30 days.
6.2 Download

2. To buy, choose Help > Purchase Upgrade from the main menu.  This brings up a dialog showing prices and options, and a one-click route to the checkout page.

If you do not already have them, you can add the Chris Pedersen Car Collections for a special bundle price.  See details in the dialog.


6.2 Features

How To Obtain 6.2

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