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Train Mountain is one of the world's great railroad layouts -- live steam in 1/8-scale, located in a 300-acre park at Chiloquin in beautiful southern Oregon.  The layout contains over 25 actual miles of track, is listed in the 2004 Guiness Book of World Records as "world's largest hobby railroad," and is now ready for you to explore with TrainPlayer.

For complete information including schedules and upcoming meets, visit the Train Mountain Website.

Track Plans

Two fine track plans are available for Train Mountain.  The 2006 version (shown in part at left) comes as a set of high-quality GIF files which can be downloaded from the Train Mountain site.  The 2000 version is an aerial photograph of the entire park, sold as a 2x3-foot color poster (right).

Both versions are available in TrainPlayer.  Each layout comes in seven separate files, each file covering a different tracked area.  Yard areas are enlarged, where countryside views are more distant and can cover up to an actual mile of territory.  The train moves automatically between areas, opening and activating windows as needed. 

Note on the 2000 photo plan: some track was added to make the plan more in line with the 2006 version, especially in Elizabeth River Loop and around Central Station.  As yet there are no lines on the photo underneath this track, so it looks like the train is cutting across the grass.

Thanks to Quentin Breen and Glenn Peterson of Train Mountain for making this layout available and providing the materials. 


Train Mountain
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