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Scenery is the difference between a train set and a model railroad.  No simulation of the real world is complete without trees, rivers, roads, buildings, and ground cover.  This is true whether you build it in your basement or in your armchair.

If you're in the latter category, Scenery Toolkit provides everything you need to cover your layout with attractive and detailed scenery.  There are two general ways to do this.  The easy way is to choose from our extensive catalogue of buildings, trees, factories, road sections, and other objects you can just drag onto your layout. 

The other way is to use our simple but powerful drawing tools to create your own shapes and designs.  Scenery Toolkit is in fact a full-featured vector drawing system, like many others except (a) easier, and (b) specially adapted for use with TrackLayer.  You can draw lines, rectangles, circles, ellipses, and polygons of any shape, choose fill colors or images, add text labels, move them around in easy, intuitive ways.

Building Scenery
  • Spread some gravel.  Start by working in the background layer.  Draw free-form polygons, fill with solid colors or hatch patterns or bitmap art from our collection of gravel, grass, water, and other textures.

  • Plant some trees. Switch to the foreground layer so you can move smaller objects around without disturbing the terrain.  Bring up the chooser, browse through our collections of trees, and just drop them on the layout where you want them.  Copy and paste to make forests.

  • Build a town.  The scenery collection includes plenty of buildings -- factories, warehouses, loading docks, houses, lumber mills -- an infinite supply of each.  Once you drag one onto the layout, it's a snap to move it around, resize, rotate, copy, paste, add a text label, or otherwise modify.  Group individual objects together to work with assemblies or complexes.

  • Change to suit.  The scenery properties dialog gives you many ways to customize colors, patterns, text, and other aspects of each object, with a dynamic sample showing how the changes will look.

  • Easy drawing tools.  Work just like you expect.  Any tool can be active while editing.

  • Any shape can be constructed: rectangle, square, circle, ellipse, line, polyline, polygon. 

  • Polygon tool allows drawing lines in any order, automatically fills when figure is closed.

  • Shapes can be grouped and ungrouped.  Groups resize and rotate as a unit.  Groups may contain other groups.

  • Two-layer system keeps large background objects inert while working on foreground.

  • Object fill can be solid color, choice of hatch pattern, or bitmap in one of two styles: stretched or tiled.

  • Scenery chooser provides hundreds of pre-drawn objects, organized in folders.  Complete collection on web can be downloaded with one click.

  • Scenery objects can be designated as "topmost," so trains hide when going underneath.

  • Scenery objects can be attached to turntables, and will rotate with table.  For custom bridges and special effects.

  • Natural object editing supports copy and paste, undo/redo, multiple selection, change of z-order.

  • Tabbed properties dialog with dynamic sample drawing makes setting properties easy.

  • Feature is fully documented, with step-by-step tutorial for a quick and thorough lesson.

How to Obtain

The Scenery Toolkit is included with TrackLayer.  No additional purchase is necessary.


Scenery Toolkit

Building Scenery


How to Obtain

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