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Premium Layouts & Cars Contents

The Premium Layouts & Cars collection is a vast set of stunning track plans, fully tracked and ready to run, plus a huge collection of cars and locomotives of all types created by professional railroad artists.  All this content can be browsed and easily downloaded from the layout and car chooser dialogs in the program.  More is being added all the time -- your purchase of a TrackLayer license entitles you to all current and future premium content.


Hundreds of magnificent plans. Premium layouts come in all shapes and sizes, from small table-top layouts with tight curves to huge club-sized plans with sweeping mainlines and giant yards. 

Professional artwork.  Premium layouts feature original track designs and wonderful, original scenic artwork, from a talented group of railroad artists.  Most plans were designed exclusively for use in TrainPlayer.

Satellite photo layouts.  The Bruno collection features dozens of real-life centers of railroad activity from all over the U.S. and Europe.  Run a prototypical long freight through the actual yards of Chicago!

Thousands of cars and locomotives. The Premium Cars collections contain just about every type of car and locomotive known, faithfully reproduced in side and top views and painted in prototypical road colors.

Paint your own cars.  Try the new PYO set of car templates, carefully designed cars of all types in need of a coat of your favorite paint.  Comes with detailed instructions.

Layout Collections

The Peter Lloyd-Lee collection.  A dozen large, gorgeous layouts created by Peter with 3rd Plan-It railroad CAD software, complete with yards chock full of custom PLL cars.  Includes an original rendering of the complete Gorre & Daphetid, the huge, busy Essex Passenger Terminal, the industrial-strength Iron Harbor, and more.

The Nicolas Villarreal collection.  A choice set of user-supplied plans, delightfully scenicked and decorated by Nicolas.  Includes both day and night views of the full Gorre & Daphetid, a beautiful rendition of the Nickel Plate Wheeling District, and fifteen more.

The Bruno Pigozzo collection.  An amazing large set of "layouts" built on satellite photos of real railroads from around the world.  Try your hand at operating trains in the yards of Chicago, Madison, Los Angeles, Milan, or Paris!  Most plans are carefully constructed by stitching together a lot of separate sections, so you get long portions of mainline run in between huge actual yards.  Some include color-coded track so you can tell one line from another.

Train Mountain.  Two complete versions of the park in Oregon where live-steamers meet to ride around miles of track.  The Premium set includes both a crisply-rendered track plan and a photographic map, for hours of enjoyable cruising.  For more, see the Train Mountain page.

Jim Schenk designs.  An expanding set of large layouts with beautifully detailed scenery rendered entirely in TrackLayer using the Scenery Toolkit (Jim S was a prolific user during the test phase).  Includes a long linear plan based on actual track in Madison, Wisconsin.

Mark Johnson designs.  Several very attractive layouts created with Scenery Toolkit by Mark J, another enthusiastic 3.3 tester.

Andrew Martin layouts.  An extensive collection of small, instructive plans from Andrew Martin's website.  Full of ideas you can use when designing your own.

Space Mouse.  A hand-picked subset of the well-known collection of small layouts with interesting operations.

Premium Car Collections

We have over 2,900 images of car sides and car tops spread over 2 large, general sub collections – Standard and Premium.

The Premium collections feature the work of our more experienced users and enthusiasts. Peter Lloyd Lee’s  eleven carefully crafted collections focus on that key era between 1940 and 1960 which encompasses the best of the steam era and beginnings of the early diesel era.  Pater has fashioned a large collection of cars each with a unique bill of lading from crates to lumber to tractors.

Included in the Bruno Pigozzo collections are collections from his backyard which includes CN, CP, BN, Amtrak and Conrail.  Bruno has branched out to include a variety of modern European freight and passenger cars as well as some specialized collections of Shortline,  Modern Freight and Special Cars (MoW).

Mark Johnson likes to focus on specific types of cars in his custom work.  So in his MJ collection, you will find many examples of 40 and 50 foot box cars, reefers, tankers and gondolas and hoppers.  You can quickly fill an empty yard with any of Mark’s collections and still have a good variety of roads represented.

Jim Schenk has rapidly developed several car collection based on several popular fallen flags - like the CNW, GN, MoPac, the Katy, Pennsy, NYC, and the Rock among others.  Jim's collections always include passenger cars as well as typcial freight cars for each carrier.

Passenger car service from the western US is well represented in the US passenger car collection – over 300 car types in 16 folders representing the major rail roads lie UP, BN and its predecessor the Great Northern, Amtrak, the Super Chief, the California Zephyr and even a large portion of the Ringling Brothers Circus train!

You can run US passenger trains on European layouts or your can run the speedy French TGV over your favorite North American rail line.

 We would like to acknowledge the generous support provided to TrainPlayer from many members of the Train GIF Artists group who have allowed our members to use TGA artwork in their collections


How to Obtain

The Premium Layouts & Cars collections are included with TrackLayer Builder.  No additional purchase is necessary.

The installer you download comes with a small set of layouts only.  To access the full Premium set, look in your layout chooser on the Web tab under "Premium."  Download the ones you like, one or a few at a time.

Or, place an order to be delivered on DVD.  The complete Premium set is included on the disk, with a choice of whether you want to install the full set to your hard drive or run them directly from the DVD.  There is a shipping charge for DVD orders.

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