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TrainPlayer / TrackLayer 6.1 Contents

Welcome to Version 6.1! 

Version 6.1 is a follow-on to the recent release of 6.0, adding more power to Advanced Scripting, a nice new scenery tool, and many small enhancements and fixes.  For a complete list, see the Version History.

If you already upgraded to 6.0, then 6.1 is a free upgrade.  If not, and you are a user of any previous version, the upgrade price is $19.  Details below

New Features in 6.1

Scripting Additions

Version 6.1 brings many new capabilities into the hands of script authors, such as:

  • new commands for program flow: continue, break, exit, return
  • new $system function allows calling any "dos" command as from a command prompt box
  • settable functions, for modifying track and train properties and preferences
  • local variables: new LOCAL statement prevents variable mix-ups
  • function families to set or get properties of objects -- $car, $train, $track, $scenery, $station, etc.
  • general functions: $file family to read and write text files, $string to manipulate and parse strings
  • new subroutine library: great collection of general-purpose well-documented routines you can call
  • user-defined properties: add your own data items to cars and trains

The new version also improves script machinery under the hood, enhances Script Central and other UI devices, and fixes many script-related bugs. 

An excellent new document by Richard Fletcher describes the 6.1 additions in detail: see the PDF file TrainPlayer 6.1 - Extensions to the Trainplayer Programming Language (TPL).  For links to other reading matter, see the Scripting page.

Track To Scenery

A new scenery tool in 6.1 is designed for creating track-related shapes such as benchwork.  You just draw the shape you want using the straight and curve track tools, then choose Track To Scenery.  The result is a scenery object -- polyline or filled polygon or grouped set -- which you can then style and reshape like any other scenery. 

Using track tools to create scenery objects makes it easy to work with circular arcs, roadbed, and other useful shapes.  In developing this feature, we reworked some basic scenery mechanisms so that grouping and ungrouping (and undoing or redoing of same) is now more robust and crash-proof.

Scripted Layouts

Our collection of scripted layouts continues to grow!  Version 6.1 comes with switching puzzles, layouts set up for automatic running, self-documenting demos of scripting capabilities, challenges for ops-oriented users.  Explore the Scripts & Puzzles folder in your Layout Chooser.

Aussie Cars

Also continuing to grow is our collection of high-quality 50-pixel cars, now featuring four great new sets of cars from Down Under!  In the new Australian folder in your car chooser you will find beautifully-detailed steam, diesel, and electric locos, goods cars, and passenger cars.  Tiny excerpt:

Most of the side images are from the Traffic site, collected, adapted, and topped by our resident rolling-stock artist Bruno Pigozzo.

And More

Always more fixes and tweaks!

  • cars no longer extend beyond end of track
  • text size can now be changed in all script text windows
  • resizing input box
  • fix for car collection sorting involving self-propelled engines
  • handle keystrokes formerly captured by note window
  • wider line by default when drawing scenery polygon
  • improved numbering display includes turntables
  • many fixes in script processing, argument parsing, subroutine calling

How To Obtain 6.1

If you are new:  Welcome!  Your best bet is to look in the latest newsletter for a special offer.  Or read on.

If you already upgraded to 6.0:  Thank you!  6.1 is a free upgrade.  Just click the button below and follow instructions.

If you have a pre-6 version:  there is a charge for the upgrade -- only $19* to upgrade from any previous version all the way up to the top of the line package, TrackLayer 6.1, with track and scenery tools, ops, advanced scripting, the whole works.

* No charge if you purchased for the first time in 2014.  If this is you, send e-mail to request your free upgrade.

Whether you are upgrading from a previous version or buying for the first time, the procedure is:

1. Click here to download and install the new version ==>
If you do not yet have a 6.0 license, this gets you a demo valid for 30 days.
6.1 Download NA

2. To buy, choose Help > Purchase Upgrade from the main menu.  This brings up a dialog showing prices and options, and a one-click route to the checkout page.

If you do not already have them, you can add the Chris Pedersen Car Collections for a special bundle price.  See details in the dialog.

Earn a free copy!  Develop a scripted layout we can post for others to download, and we will send you a free 6.1 license.  If interested, ask by e-mail.

6.1 Questions & Answers

Q.  I recently upgraded to 6.0.  Should I uninstall it before downloading 6.1?

We recommend you do NOT uninstall -- just download and install 6.1.  This will deliver new exe, help and support files, while making minimal changes to your data folders.  The only side effect is that you will have obsolete 6.0 icons remaining on your Start menu and desktop.  To get rid of these, see the FAQ or send e-mail.

If you do uninstall 6.0, it will undo renaming of certain car collection folders.  The 6.1 installer will then redo these.  Details of this process were described in the 6.0 Features page.

Q.  What if I run the 6.1 demo and decide not to buy the upgrade?

A.  That would be a shame!  Even if you are not going to use all the new 6.1 features, we hope you will keep up with the advances and support our continuing development.  But to answer the question: uninstall 6.1 using Control Panel or Start menu, and you should be back where you started, running your older system.  If you have any problems, (a) see the Readme, (b) let us know.

Q.  If I want to try my hand at scripting, do you provide support?

A.  Yes, we are glad to help with scripting questions, and so is our panel of experts on the TP Forum.  Support is free if you have a 6.1 license.

Q.  I just bought TrainPlayer two months ago.  Do I need to pay for the upgrade?

A.  No.  If you purchased for the first time since 1/1/2014, send e-mail and request your free upgrade.  We will verify your order based on your name and e-mail.



6.1 Features

How To Obtain 6.1

6.1 Q & A

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