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TrainPlayer / TrackLayer 6.3 Contents

Welcome to Version 6.3!

This version started out to address a short list of bug fixes, but the layout engineers kept asking for more, and went DOG-gone crazy with what we provided!  New features and new layouts are described below.

If you already upgraded to 6.x, then 6.3 is a free upgrade.  If not, and you are a user of an older version, the upgrade price is $19.  Details below

The instructions on this page apply to the latest version, 6.3.1, posted May 11 2016.  If you are a 6.x user, you can get your free upgrade by going straight to the Download page or using the button below.

New Features in 6.3

Switch Games and the DOG

Our engineers came up with new combination of scripting and ops called the Directed Operations Generator --  the DOG! -- a script-based system which simulates waybill cycles, generates random switching tasks, and presents you get a different challenge every time you climb into the cab and report for work. 

The DOG is built into a dozen great new layouts, with track plans and industries designed for operations.  For a detailed list of the plans, see the new TrainPlayer Guide To Games.  For details about the DOG, get the full story in the excellent new PDF document by Richard Fletcher: About A Dog.  Or just fire up 6.3 and try any file in the new Layouts \ Games folder -- open a layout, it tells you what to do, and congratulates you when you do it.

6.3 Scripting Features

  • Command Prompt, Interactive Command Box: two new ways to enter one-line script commands for immediate execution -- very handy for developing, debugging, carrying out one-time jobs
  • New variables, functions, properties: track and junction labels, crash counter, file delete, car label display, expanded list of view controls, access to text of notes
  • Improved script editing: new text edit pane in all script windows provides consistent menus and keyboard shortcuts
  • Growing subroutine library: many useful new subroutines, automatic update on program start

Other 6.3 Features

  • Multi-track transfer tables: compact way to move trains on and off the layout
  • New DEST property: tag cars with destination labels
  • Default scenery styles: easier management with new menu commands
  • Enhancements in auto-follow: follow a specific car
  • Menu Reference: in the help, new comprehensive guide to menu commands

For a complete list of fixes and enhancements, see the TrainPlayer Version History.

How To Obtain 6.3

If you are new:  Welcome!  Your best bet is to look in the latest newsletter for a special offer. Or read on.

If you already upgraded to 6.0 - 6.2:  Thank you!  6.3 is a free upgrade.  Just click the button below and follow instructions.

If you have a pre-6 version:  there is a charge for the upgrade -- only $19 to upgrade from any previous version all the way up to the top of the line package, TrackLayer 6.3, with track and scenery tools, ops, advanced scripting, the whole works.

Whether upgrading from a previous version or buying for the first time:

1. Click here to download and install the new version ==>
If you do not yet have a 6.x license, this gets you a demo valid for 30 days.
6.3 Download

2. To buy, choose Help > Purchase Upgrade from the main menu.  This brings up a dialog showing prices and options, and a one-click route to the checkout page.

If you do not already have them, you can add the Chris Pedersen Car Collections for a special bundle price.  See details in the dialog.

6.3 Features

How To Obtain 6.3

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