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TrainPlayer Newsletter -- October, 2009 Specials

If your layout is going to make it onto the cover of Model Railroad News, it needs to be more than a loop of track on a sheet of plywood. It needs trees, roads, rivers, warehouses loading docks, grass and gravel! For the basement railroader, this means shelves of kits, bottles of glue, trips to the hobby shop, years of work. For the armchair railroader, it means the new Scenery Toolkit from TrainPlayer.

Spend an Evening, Build a Railroad

Start with a blank sheet, lay out a plan with handy TrackLayer tools, run some trains around just for fun, then open Scenery Toolkit and turn it into a railroad! Start in the background layer. Draw shapes -- rectangles, ellipses, irregular polygons -- fill them with colors, patterns, images, textures, then rotate and resize to suit. Go to the foreground layer and open the Scenery Chooser, where you find a large and growing web-based catalog of pre-made scenery objects -- buildings, trees, structures, road sections, automobiles, ground textures, you name it. Grab one and drag it onto your layout -- instant scenery! With no brushes to wash up afterwards.

Announcing Version 3.3

Scenery Toolkit is the biggest part of our new Version 3.3 release, but it's not the only part. There is a generous list of fixes and enhancements, a classy new user-adjustable style for the whole application, and some nice conveniences to assist in upgrading from earlier versions. We also took the opportunity to simplify the product line and the upgrade process, and while we were at it, revamp the whole website. Please stop by and have a look.

For the full rundown, see the Version 3.3 Page and the Scenery Toolkit Page.

Mac Discontinued

Scenery Toolkit is available for Windows only. In fact, this is now true of our entire product line. With apologies to our Mac users, we are discontinuing support for the Mac products with this release. Any user of a Mac product is entitled to a free copy of the Windows equivalent; for details, see Mac-Win Swap Offer.

How to Obtain 3.3

New User.  As a new buyer, you have just two choices. We'll save you a trip to the Products page and list them here, with handy Buy buttons.

TrainPlayer 3.3 / OPERATOR

Everything you need to run virtual model trains on great pre-built layouts.

Includes TrainPlayer 3.3, 101 Track Plans, TrainPlayer Screen Saver, Scripting, Standard Layouts.   Details...


Click goes to checkout page.  Credit card is required.  Choose shipping method: CD delivery is $10 more.
TrackLayer 3.3 / BUILDER

For the do-it-yourselfer -- build and run your own scenic layout, or choose from our complete library of plans and cars.

Includes all of TrainPlayer 3.3 / OPERATOR, plus: TrackLayer tools, Scenery Toolkit, Premium Layouts & Cars.   Details...


Click goes to checkout page.  Credit card is required.  Choose shipping method: CD delivery is $10 more.

Existing 3.x User.  If you are a licensed user of Version 3.0 or higher, you are entitled to a free upgrade to 3.3. However, this does not include the Scenery Toolkit. If you'd like to add that, or move up a level to one of the new products, it's easy -- a new dialog inside the program shows you your choices, accompanied by handy Buy buttons. The choices and prices you see depend on what you currently have -- upgrades range from $29 to $59.

The first thing to do is click here to download and install your free upgrade to 3.3. You do not need to uninstall your current version before installing this one.
Download and Install 3.3

Start the program and read the "Welcome to 3.3" dialog. The program offers to find and collect all your previous layouts and cars into one location -- accept the offer! (see Readme for details). Click the Upgrade button to see your upgrade choices, then help us out, click to buy one.

Recent Buyer.  If you purchased TrackLayer Premium 3.2 since July 1, 2009, you are entitled to a free upgrade to TL 3.3 including Scenery Toolkit. If you are in this category, send e-mail and ask about it.

Existing 2.x User.  If your current version is below 3.0, sorry, we do offer an upgrade path. See New User, above.

New Layouts and Cars

Our Car Collections have really expanded significantly in the past few months.  With well crafted designs from several of our gifted users, we have added over 200 new cars to the Standard Car Collections.

Featured Layout of the Month:  Mark Johnson's fine St. Joe plan, with detailed background scenery painted by Larry White.

For more, see the new Featured Content page.

CD Shipping

The new 3.3 CD's are now shipping within 3 - 5 days of your order.


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Scenery Special!

TrackLayer 3.3 BUILDER
with Scenery Toolkit


The whole works!  TrackLayer, TrainPlayer, Scenery Toolkit, Premium Layouts, 101 Track Plans, Screen Saver.

Regular price $99.  To take advantage of the offer, enter the following Coupon Code at checkout.  Must be in all caps as shown.


Limited time offer.  Expires 1/31/10.


Free Demo

Try all features free for 30 days.
Windows 2000,XP,Vista.  Clock is reset if you had an earlier demo expire.

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Upgrade to 3.3

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Version 3.3

TrainPlayer / OPERATOR

TrackLayer / BUILDER

Scenery Toolkit

101 Track Plans

Premium Layouts & Cars

Standard Layouts

TrainPlayer Screen Saver

Featured Content

Paint-Your-Own Cars


"Trainz and MS Sim will just have to rest in their turntables - I have finally found a train program worth my time.  Thanks!" Dwight Brown  Aug 2009

"What a superb piece of software. Many thanks for a lovely program."   Terence Dalton June 2009

Featured Layout

The St. Joe
by Mark Johnson & Larry White

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