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TrainPlayer Software brings model railroading out of the basement and onto your screen!

If you design, build, or operate a model railroad -- or you ever thought about doing so -- or you just like to run trains -- then you're in the right place!  TrainPlayer offers thousands of great layouts you can run, simple but precise tools so you can design and build your own, and an integrated system for operations.  Running trains couldn't be easier -- our software is fully granddad-approved, designed for people who like trains more than computers.

Try the free demo, see for yourself.  For an overview, see Our Products below.

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Jun 2024: Version 8.3: Locations

Making Ops easier!  Overhaul of handling track locations on the layout, elimination of Stations. 

Revised and expanded documentation for Advanced Ops, with illustrated tutorials.  Larger text on all dialogs and alerts.  Numerous small fixes and enhancements. 

See the 8.3 Features Page for details and free download.

Sep 2022: Version 8.2: Dynamic Toolbars

A whole new look!  Our new interface is based on improved toolbars -- easier to see, easier to navigate, still fully customizable, altogether more modern and fun to use. 

And lots more!  New in Paint Shop: a shaded-cylinder decal for perfect boilers and tankcars, plus a "wireframe" decal for transferring details from one paint job to another.  New in AnyRail: now import a working transfer table.  New in Scripting: more functions and fixes.

Start here: 8.2 Features Page.  There you can read about the new features and download your free* upgrade (if you are a user) or free demo (if not yet).

*Not quite free: if you haven't yet upgraded to Paint Shop, there is a charge for that.  It's optional, but a nifty device to have.

Aug 2021: Version 8.1, revamp of Linked Layouts

Have trains jump smoothly from one layout to another, now with more features and fewer bugs!  This feature was first introduced in 2005 (version 2.1), and has finally been revamped.  Now you can: drag trains by hand across links; not worry about duplicate car numbers; jump from one location to another on the same layout; couple and uncouple during jumps; even develop scripts to automate action across multiple linked layouts!

 Watch the action-packed three-layout video on the 8.1 Feature Page.  Free download.

Jan 2021:  Version 8.0, featuring Paint Shop!

A great new pastime for the car modeller!  Bring any car or engine into Paint Shop, apply paint and decals -- hundreds of logos, roadnames, detail parts to choose from.  Unique tools for color gradients, masking, erasing, enhancing.


Check it out on the 8.0 Feature Page.  Free to download and try out.

Jun 2020:  Version 7.2

More fixes and new features, including a digital clock, the Switchlist Robot, enhancements to Advanced Ops with all new AO documentation, improved Route Finder, more great new layouts!

See Version 7.2 Feature Page

For older What's New items, see What's No Longer New.

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Our Products

TrainPlayer -- for the OPERATOR

tp screen shotJust run trains.  We provide the layouts and rolling stock, all you do is drive!  Try switching puzzles, learn yard operations, automate your daily deliveries, or just cruise through the countryside.  Famously easy to use.  Now with Paint Shop.  Includes 2,500+ layouts including 280 Plans now featuring TrainPlayer Advanced Ops.  $59more...

TrackLayer -- for the BUILDER

Build and run your own.  Easy, powerful tools for drawing an operating track layout, now with scenery too!  Design a plan from scratch or add a yard to an old favorite.  Run trains during construction.  Try before you build.  Includes all of TrainPlayer, plus track tools, Scenery Toolkit, Advanced Ops.  $99more...
Scenery Toolkit

scnobjshotDecorate your layout.  Buildings, trees, factories -- choose from our catalog or draw your own!A complete but easy set of tools for drawing, filling, and editing shapes suitable for use on a model railroad.  Scenic your layout in an evening!  Included with TrackLayer.  more...

Premium Layouts & Cars

prem_shotTop-quality railroad artwork.  Hundreds of fascinating, original plans of all shapes and sizes, plus a vast cabinet of cars and locomotives to run on them!  Includes four different renderings of John Allen's complete Gorre & Daphetid.  Available via download.  more...

Advanced Ops

Railroad operations in your armchair.  Deliver loads to industries on your layout.  Let the yardmaster give you your work orders.  Set up your own layout for productive work, or run one of our wide selection of ops-ready layouts.  more...

Modular Railroading

Test-drive your modular layout before the show.  Choose from a collection of precisely-built NTrak and HO modules, or build your own.  Assemble them with drag and drop, then click once to build the full layout automatically.  more...

Chris Pedersen Cars

Detailed rolling stock artwork.  Over a thousand locomotives, freight, and passenger cars, drawn in full HO size and beautiful detail.  more...

    Jun 2024: Version 8.3

    8.3 Features Page

    Sep 2022: Version 8.2

    8.2 Features Page



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